HBS Notary Public of the Kingdom of Cambodia (“HBS Notary Public”) is the First Notary Public Office formally recognized by the Royal Government of Cambodia’s Sub-decree No. 144 dated September 23, 2008. By virtue of this Sub-decree, HBS Notary Public is specifically empowered by the State to authenticate, certify, and witness legal and contractual documents for local and international use.

  • Notarization of legal and contractual documents, including loan and security documents.
  • Preparation of documents for transfer of ownership of real and personal properties.
  • Preparation of documents for assignment and registration of real rights and personal rights
  • Coordinating and drafting documents in relation to the foreign marriage, adoption, marital agreement, donation and will.
  • Assistance with the liquidation of assets in the case of divorce and inheritance.
  • Certification of translation in English, French and Khmer.