HBS Notary Public of the Kingdom of Cambodia (“HBS Notary Public”) is the First Notary Public Office formally recognized by the Royal Government of Cambodia’s Sub-decree No. 144 dated September 23, 2008. By virtue of this Sub-decree, HBS Notary Public is specifically empowered by the State to authenticate, certify, and witness legal and contractual documents for local and international use.

Pursuant to Cambodian Land Law, Civil Code and other relevant laws and contractual documents which have the effect of transferring ownership of immovable property as well as those documents pertaining to real property and rights in rem, including sale and purchase agreements on immovable property, gifts, wills and inheritances, liquidation, hypotheses, pledges and other types of security, are required to be written in an authentic form produced by a notary public in order to be legally valid and enforceable. Moreover, the Code of Civil Procedure provides for compulsory and immediate execution of an agreement prepared by a notary concerning a demand for fixed amount of money, without court decision. For example, a loan agreement with or without collateral.

HBS Notary Public has solid expertise in notarial services. The officer managed by Notary Ly Tayseng as director and Notary TANHEANG Davann as deputy director. Tayseng has an LL.M degree from Japan and long experience as practicing lawyer in domestic and international commercial transactions as well as in the product and notarization of legal and contractual documents. Davann graduated with the highest diploma of notary (Diplôme Supérieur de Notariat) and has acquired many years of experience at large notary offices in France. Our team is supported by professionally trained secretarial staff and advisers.